Boxelder B-2/B-3 Watershed Plan

“Flood Protection for Growing Communities”
North Poudre Irrigation Company has been given project management responsibility under a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the analysis and planning phase of the Boxelder Creek B-2/B-3 Dams Rehabilitation Project.
Use this site to learn about the watershed and the history of watershed improvements, keep current on planning progress and documents, and give us your feedback on the project.
The Boxelder watershed
Describes the location, geography, climate, and current land and community use of the Boxelder Creek Watershed, with a satellite map of the watershed.
History of Improvement
Describes the history of flooding in the Boxelder watershed before improvement, watershed planning in 1965-1970 that resulted in the construction of the Boxelder B-2/B-3 dams in 1977-1982, and developments since 2006 that led to the current watershed study.
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about key aspects of the project with answers from the project team. When we receive an important question in a meeting or in feedback, we’ll post it with answer here.
Why this project is needed
Documents and Planning
Documents for the current planning study, as they are produced May 2015-April 2015. Documents from 2009-2013 that led to the present study, and the 1971 work plan for the original Boxelder watershed improvements. The phases and components of the current study.
Give us your feedback
Information about how interested parties can provide feedback on the project, including an on-line comment form with instructions for use. Information on responses to feedback.