Boxelder B-2/B-3 Watershed Plan

Current and Historical Documents

The Boxelder Watershed planning study began in May 2015 and will continue, in three phases, through April 2016. Planning Study Components describes these phases.

See Current Documents for documents, maps, and figures produced by the project partners from May 2015 through April 2016 for the current planning study.

See Historical Documents for documents from 2009-2013 that led to the current planning study.

Also included in Historical Documents are a watershed protection guide for the public and the 1971 Boxelder Creek Watershed Work Plan for the original Boxelder Creek watershed improvements.

Planning Study Components

Phase 1 (May-Aug 2015):

Collect and analyze information

  • Collect and review existing information.
  • Develop Purpose and need statement, work plan, and public participation plan.
  • Environmental and cultural assessment.
  • Hydrology/hydraulic evaluations.
  • Surveying.
  • Geotechnical investigations.
  • Sediment deposition assessment.

Phase 2 (Sep-Dec 2015):

Formulate and evaluate alternatives.

  • Formulate alternatives (public meeting #1).
  • Engineering evaluations.
  • Alternatives assessment (environmental, social, economic impacts).
  • Preliminary design.
  • Identification of funding mechanisms.

Phase 3 (Jan-April, 2016):

Prepare watershed plan supplement.

  • Preliminary draft (NPIC and NRCS review).
  • Draft (NRCS and public review) (public meeting #2).
  • Final.

View from B-2 facing east