North Poudre Irrigation Company

“Supplying water in northern Colorado since 1901”

Halligan Dam

North Poudre Irrigation Company is a mutual ditch company that supplies water to an area of northeastern Larimer County and western Weld County in north-central Colorado.

We have a long history of serving this part of the state. We’re proud of the role our company has played over the years in supporting the work of local farmers and ranchers and growing municipalities.

The North Poudre Irrigation Company system includes 19 reservoirs and about 200 miles of delivery canals, ditches, and laterals.

Company Overview
Information about North Poudre Irrigation Company’s organization, location, water sources, water users, infrastructure, board of directors, and staff.
Company History
North Poudre Irrigation Company’s origins, development, infrastructure growth, and relationships with other water management entities from 1876 to now.

Munroe Canal above Pleasant Valley Pipeline